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5 ways to get cheaper car insurance in 2023

In 2023 the rates are changing drastically and we really need to find out the best most profitable way for us as consumers to save on our car insurance how do we keep the coverage where we want them to be but pay less out of pocket there’s just so much happening let’s dive in to the ways that you can save on your car insurance without giving up all of the things that you need the first step that you need to

Take is you need to determine what coverages you have at the end of this video I’ll actually link my auto 101 and in home 101 so you can go over those to determine what’s the best coverage that you should be carrying for now let’s kind of create a cheat sheet so if you go online and you ever read a review there’s all these companies saying here’s the best here’s the best and they’re very common you’re going to see like a USAA in the beginning you’re

Going to see an All-State a State Farm a Geico a nationwide those guys are all kind of the big box it almost leads you to believe like okay are they paying to be there and they’re kind of half are right they’re they’re exclusive and they’ve got a ton of money going into marketing and these companies want to grab that that doesn’t mean that they’re bad companies but it just shows you that there’s so much data out there that it’s hard to know which ones to trust so

Knowing that you need to determine what you need to cover is probably the biggest thing and the reason I say that is because it does play a huge Factor on the cost there are companies that are a lower risk type of insurance company so they’re only a good fit if you have zero claims zero accidents you have a home you have two cars you have a really good insurance score like they are looking for no problems they’re going to give a really good price for that and they’re

Going to make sure that they’re not necessarily insuring the areas that they don’t want to insure that’s one of the biggest rating factors you’ll see in a lot of my videos is location plays a huge Factor if you don’t fit all those demographics then those ones aren’t the ones you should be looking at most to all of the companies that you’re going to look at are going to be more of your mid-tier they’re called standard types of insurance and that’s your typical

Company that’s where everybody in most cases want to be even the higher class ones will start to take in some of the standard policies just because it kind of fits you’re going to pay a few dollars more and the low the risk is fairly low you can have a ticket or you can have one accident preferably not at fault and they’re going to be priced perfectly there and then you’ve got your lower tier to your non-preferred type of insurance and that’s for people like

When I was a kid I was two speeding tickets and at fault accident not at fault accident so there’s just a ton of stuff on my record when I was younger I’m not going to get a good price in the mid or high tier companies where the preferred the standard I would be a better Fit For A non-preferred that’s where your progressives and your guide goes and your your National generals and the Direct General and all of those guys kind of play in that factor they’re all

Trying to be that mid-tier but they just tend to come in competitive in that more less preferred that being said that’s the framework that we need to live in so when you’re looking at your current policy you need to question are you in that same framework should you be with a different company over that one if you are unsure I’ll put a link in the description below go ahead and fill out a quote and I’ll try to connect you with either an agent or one of my companies

That I work with that helps shop multiple companies it’s good to see kind of like the whole Spectrum to see if there are ones that are better fits so we’ve got our framework we know where we’re at and for most of you watching this you’re going to fit right in that middle tier there’s a few pieces that we need to be very careful with on the discounts one thing I want to get out of your mind is that you actually going up in coverage doesn’t always cost more

Sometimes it costs less the other piece that you’ve got to think about is how much do I pay there’s a percentage base of what I pay to how much can a discount give me if you look at discounts and insurance they’re usually percentages they’re not just ten dollars off fifty dollars off whatever the case is you gotta match that with the coverage that you have and it gets a little bit of complicated when we’re looking at it from this angle the thing that you’re

Looking at is if you have to get the best fit because the prices have gone up 10 or more percent across the board pretty much everywhere where the national average was in the 1500s is now closer to 17 and 1800 for the year for full coverage it’s about a third that if you’re going to do plpd so if you’re going down that road you’re not going to see as big of an impact because the risk isn’t very high either way where it got to look at the total package of what

We’re doing and figure okay so if I have certain discounts can I qualify for them not necessarily with the company I have but if it’s not with them is there another company that gives me that discount that’s where more of the specific and my alumni m a engineer are you a CPA do you have certain clubs sometimes being a motorcycle club member and those will give you three percent off or five percent off I’ve seen even fifteen percent off just those and

That’s without bundling Home Auto and all of that stuff so that’s really the second piece I would look at is what kind of discounts would you qualify for I’ll try to put in the description below because I only have so many links I can put in the end of a video that will give you more of that actually if you go to my home page there’s a first video that plays and it’s I think it’s called the 10 or 11 discounts and it goes over the specific discounts that we’re almost

Referencing so now that we’ve kind of figured that maybe we are good with the company we have maybe Allstate is the best fit for Me Maybe I really like my agent maybe Nationwide or maybe Progressive I just like where I’m at so you one can look at those pieces and determine if there are better fits for you there but let’s look at some of the other things that you can do some companies have different programs so look at the package that you have as

Well usually on your declarations page there’s a section for discounts there’s also a sections for Affiliates if you have Affiliates and it’s blank it might make sense to hop on Google type in your insurance company and then type any affiliation discount this should come up with some of the companies that you can maybe join or you’re already part of that can give you an extra discount if you haven’t looked at bundling the home in the auto in the last year to two

Years it’s changed your house honestly needs to be revamped anyways because the cost of materials have have gone up and I know we’re not trying to raise the price but we want to make sure also covered correctly too I’ve seen some companies over this last 12 months go up 15 to 20 percent on the home alone but nothing on the auto it might make sense to see if a combination with one or the different company is going to be a better option for you the negative side

To this is if you’re going to work with your specific agent I’ve got to be honest with you insurance agents are great or horrible there’s usually no in between a lot of Agents will make up stuff and just tell you whatever you need to hear to make you go away they’re just the throw you against the wall see if you stick if you stick great if you don’t they’re working on something else more of the agency that we work with or a lot of the agents that I personally

Have used and dealt with are more of the type that want to actually dive in and take the extra time do we love it no I don’t love it if someone asks me about a coverage that I have no clue about and now I got to call the underwriter look it up in the manual it takes me a half hour to do it but it’s worth it because I’ve promised that to a customer and that’s where a lot of these service people come into hand to where they can be a big benefit it might make sense for

You to call the service department and go over discounts versus the agent sometimes it’s good to do both because the service end sees that part of it all the time and the agent end sees the beginning part of it how do I build the coverages up how do I get the discounts in initially these guys might see oh there’s a secret discount here oh I see when this guy did this it changed that’s the other pieces you can look at as far as your current company as we mentioned

Before knowing the coverage and the prices and all of that stuff plays a factor just a warning for those that do shop if you are shopping around and you’re looking for different options be mindful of the coverage that you have versus the coverage that you’re getting a lot of times someone will lower your liability and the cost will go down but then when it renews at the same liability the cost will go up because the risk has changed and don’t let a

Company just get you a cheaper deal and lower the coverage when you could probably find a different company that’s a better fit in that scenario the number one discount in insurance is if you bundle I actually had a customer just Friday that called in we’re doing tons of quotes he’s a lot like me when I was younger and has horrible driving record a couple at fault accidents couple speeding tickets and he’s part of a group pulling him out of that group

Makes them way more expensive because he’s now fallen off of the parents and the other person’s policy but if we bundle an add a renter’s policy because he’s paying so much and we’re talking 300-ish dollars a month it cuts it down by 20 percent so now what was 300 is 250 or 240 plus you got to add the renters in so about 20 a month so it actually netted them a better price but gave them a ton of extra coverage that could benefit them if some something major

Happens your next step that you should be looking at is what discounts specifically could you qualify for I’m going to link a video here that goes over the discounts if you’re more interested in finding out what coverages are which and what coverages you should carry I’m going to put my insurance 101 there as well go ahead and check out whichever one fits you best next follow the path that gets you the best route to get the right coverage and get the right  Discounts I’m Mark with think insurance I’ll see in the next one

what is automobile coverage?

what is automobile coverage?

automobile coverage can help protect you from expenses associated with vehicle injuries and other varieties of losses, such as the theft of your car. your car insurance coverage is a agreement for that you pay a certain amount or — “top class” — in your insurance organization in trade for the coverages you select.

why do i want car insurance?

in case you’re concerned in an twist of fate, you could have expenses for automobile upkeep, assets damage, clinical bills, misplaced wages, and extra. with out the coverages you need, you can must pay the ones bills to your very own.

what does car insurance cowl?

commonly, liability insurance is needed in most states. this insurance helps cover someone else’s bodily damage or property damages while you are decided to be at fault for the accident. there are also other coverages that can help cover the costs of damage to you or your auto. to get the most whole safety for your man or woman desires, discuss available insurance options with your insurance representative.


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