Deferred life insurance

Deferred life insurance means deferring protection (death risk coverage) in the early years of issuing the document. Therefore, the protection does not start from the time of issuing the document but starts from a future date called the deferred date. However, the installment starts from the time of issue The term of the document is divided into two periods, the first term is called deferment period, which starts from the date of issue of the document until the date of postponement and the second period is the period from the date of postponement until the end of insurance. If the insured dies during the first period, During a period of delay plus benefits if the insured dies after a period of delay, the insurance company paid death benefits mentioned document and insurance companies do not issue documents deferred only in certain cases of insurance.

• Deferred insurance is rarely issued on the lives of ordinary adults, but the insurance company may issue documents containing a partial postponement which means postponing part of the protection (insurance amount) in certain cases, for example the condition of postponement of life insurance documents without medical disclosure stating that the document pays 4 If the death occurs during the second month of the insurance and pays 12% of the amount of the insurance if the death occurred during the third month from the start of the insurance and so until the insurance amount is paid in full If death occurs after 24 months N Start insurance.

 Some documents delay the payment of the insurance amount or part of it in the case of the death of the insured to a future date, for example to the date of maturity while paying periodic income to the beneficiaries immediately after the death of the insured in this case, the death benefit is deferred and not insurance protection. 

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